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How to create wordpress custom fields using ACF

Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) is the most popular plugin for manage the WordPress website contents from the back end area and inside this  plugin there are lots of option for mange the website content. Using Advanced Custom FIelds(ACF) we can create a wordpress custom fields in the back end panel for each pages and we can able to manage the data easily. In this tutorial we will show you how to  manage the website contents and we are hoping that it will definitely helps to everyone.

  1. Suppose there is a content like below screenshot and you would like to manage the site from back end:

Custom Field Creation

After Install the Advanced Custom Fields(ACF) plugin just click on the Custom Fields tab in the back end

custom field create

After click on it you can see the “Add New” option to create custom fields. The best practice is whenever you add the custom field you must be mention the page name for which page you are doing.

Create custom fields

create custom field

Now edit the Home page and you can see that text field has been created. Now you can add text as per your requirements, find the screenshot below:

Then open the coding file and make it dynamic  like this way:
Copy the field name from the custom field section then paste it into the “the_field(”)” function.

<?php the_field('blue_text_section'); ?>

Then the text will be displayed on the front end and now it’s dynamic. You can manage the text from the back end area anytime you need. Like this way you can add more custom field over  the back end. And able to edit or add the text easily. Using Advanced Custom Fields we can mange the content easily as per the client requirements also there are many more option to dynamic the contents and images. first of all  also  another  furthermore  finally

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