display short content

How to display short content on wordpress blog page

In WordPress blog listing page there shows blog posts with the post description. In the blog listing page we need to display the short content with the “Read More” or “View More” link. So that when user click the “Read More” link they will be redirect to the post details page and able to read full of content in the post details page.

Using any paid theme the content always comes with shorter in the blog listing page as because theme admin already coded for that.

But When we do with custom blog listing page, in that case for displaying the short content into the blog listing page we need to do custom code.

Here is the code:

echo wp_trim_words( get_the_content(), 30, '...' );

we can display the content as much as we want to display, just need to replace with 30 to 40 or whatever we want.

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