How to disable plugin updates for a specific plugin

Disable specific plugin update on WordPress? Yes it’s possible now. You can easily disable the plugin update on WordPress. For some cases we need to modify the plugin functionality as per the client’s requirement. In that case we have to added extra code  into the plugin files. That’s is the reason we need to disable the plugin updates.

But If we don’t do this, when the new version launch it will notify you to update the plugin. And after update the plugin all the re-code will be gone and the modified things will not be work anymore. To maintain the modified functionality we have to disable  the plugin updates for that specific plugin.  In this article you will get the proper solution to disable plugin updates.

Hence, You can disable the specific plugin update permanently. So, here we are displaying disable plugin update notification code. Copy the code and paste it on the function.php file into the theme folder.

function my_plugin_updates( $myvalue ) {
    unset( $myvalue->response['plugin-folder-name/index.php'] );
    return $myvalue;
add_filter( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'my_plugin_updates' );