Set up default home page on wordpress

How to Change the Default Home Page in WordPress

After install WordPress there  already activate default front page where WordPress latest posts are listing. To set up your own Home page you need to setting up from the back end area. In this tutorial we will show you How to Change the Default Home Page in WordPress.

How to Change the Default Home Page in WordPress:

Go to the wordpress dashboard section. In the left sidebar there is a tab called “Setting“. Click on it and then setting menu will be expand and there will be an option called “Reading“. Click on it after that it will redirect to the “options-reading.php” page. At the top there is text with “Your homepage displays“. There will be two option over there, select second one: “A static page (select below)”. In the option “Homepage” you can select any of page as a default home page. Then scroll down and click “Save Changes” button.

Here is the screenshot:

We are hoping this article can give you the best way for how to change the default home page in WordPress.